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  • Winding up a company - Overview

    Winding up a company - Overview

    Disposing of a limited company usually involves a considerable amount of forethought, planning and paperwork because a number of possible exit routes exist and each company situation is different.     

  • Paying for school fees.

    Paying for school fees

    In the UK, paying for education affects many parents and their student offspring at some point. 

  • Gold Stag Accounts and Starling bank

    Partnership With Starling Bank

    We have partnered with Starling Bank and as users ourselves, can truly recommend them - There's a reason why they won best British bank in 2018, 2019 & 2020.

  • Flat rate scheme (FRS) for VAT

    Flat rate scheme (FRS) for VAT

    The VAT flat rate scheme (FRS) is used by many small businesses to help simplify their VAT reporting obligations, although some VAT experts would argue that the scheme is not simple to use.

  • Issuing a P45

    P45 procedures – What to do when an employee leaves

    When an employee leaves, there are various procedures that need to be followed from a payroll perspective. These include telling HMRC that the employee has left and issuing the employee with a P45.

  • Photo of terraced houses in the countryside.

    Should I buy a rental property through a limited company?

    Chancellor Rishi Sunak sets out some limited measures to stimulate the economy and help it recover from the ravages...
  • Man driving a van.

    Cars and vans – What’s new for 2020/21

    There are a number of changes that apply from the start of the 2020/21 tax year that relate to the taxation of...
  • Profit extraction in 2020–21:  what is the optimal salary?

    Profit extraction in 2020/21 – What is the optimal salary?

    A popular tax-efficient profit extraction strategy used by personal and family companies is to take a small salary...
  • Two women having a business meeting.

    Are workers employees?

    It is important to know whether a worker is employed or self-employed as there are many differences in the way in...
  • Night photograph of road markings for cyclists.

    Can my company buy me a new bicycle?

    The government introduced ‘cycle to work’ back in 1999. Broadly, this is an annual tax exemption that allows a business to loan bicycles and cycle safety equipment to employees as a tax-free benefit. This tax break has had a positive impact on workplace health and employee motivation and has encouraged new groups of people to take up physical activity. But can it work for small companies?

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