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  • Issuing a P45

    P45 procedures – What to do when an employee leaves

    When an employee leaves, there are various procedures that need to be followed from a payroll perspective. These include telling HMRC that the employee has left and issuing the employee with a P45.

  • Photo of terraced houses in the countryside.

    Should I buy a rental property through a limited company?

    Chancellor Rishi Sunak sets out some limited measures to stimulate the economy and help it recover from the ravages...
  • Man driving a van.

    Cars and vans – What’s new for 2020/21

    There are a number of changes that apply from the start of the 2020/21 tax year that relate to the taxation of...
  • Profit extraction in 2020–21:  what is the optimal salary?

    Profit extraction in 2020/21 – What is the optimal salary?

    A popular tax-efficient profit extraction strategy used by personal and family companies is to take a small salary...
  • Two women having a business meeting.

    Are workers employees?

    It is important to know whether a worker is employed or self-employed as there are many differences in the way in...
  • Night photograph of road markings for cyclists.

    Can my company buy me a new bicycle?

    The government introduced ‘cycle to work’ back in 1999. Broadly, this is an annual tax exemption that allows a business to loan bicycles and cycle safety equipment to employees as a tax-free benefit. This tax break has had a positive impact on workplace health and employee motivation and has encouraged new groups of people to take up physical activity. But can it work for small companies?

  • Friends drinking at a restaurant table.

    Can we deduct entertaining expenses?

    The tax rules on the deductibility of entertaining expenses are harsh and often misunderstood – the fact that the...
  • HMRC Self-Assessment guide.

    How to calculate your payments on account

    The deadline for filing the self-assessment tax return for 2018/19 is 31 January 2020. This is also the date by which...
  • A glass sand-timer filled with red sand.

    When and how to incorporate

    Over the last decade, corporation tax rates for most companies – irrespective of size - have fluctuated between 19%...
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    How do I calculate my working from home expenses?

    We look at best the ways of calculating working from home expenses for Limited Companies and Sole Traders.

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