FreeAgent Expert Practitioner

July 9th, 2019

This morning (Tuesday 9th July 2019), I decided to take a day trip from our sunny office in Bishop’s Stortford to The Hilton Garden Inn, Luton North in order to enhance my FreeAgent skills and functionality at the FreeAgent masterclass.

When I arrived after my one hour fifteen-minute journey, I was greeted by the friendly FreeAgent team who pointed out where the most important thing was - coffee!

A FreeAgent notebook and introduction to their Partner Programme guide.

The masterclass is designed to ensure that you are processing client work as efficiently and productively as possible. If you are a fellow accountant or bookkeeper, I would definitely recommend booking into your nearest offering.

These are the topics on the agenda were:

The three FreeAgent staff explained the various topics very well and I have certainly come away with food for thought on how to implement the above.

After a short coffee break, it was time to take the ‘Roadshow Advanced Exam’

I was delighted to receive a 100% pass mark and a special round of applause for my efforts!

Martin’s 100% score from the exam.

We were presented with fancy jiffy bags when we left.

The FreeAgent notebook, Partner Programme guide and jiffy bag Martin received after the training.

Which contained a certificate in a nice shiny silver frame - would have been better in Gold obviously but beggars can’t be choosers!

The FreeAgent certificate Martin received that shows he’s officially accredited as a FreeAgent Expert Practitioner.

So there we have it! I’m now a ‘FreeAgent Expert Practitioner’ which basically means I know my way around FreeAgent.


Always happy to discuss your options and whether or not FreeAgent could be the right software for you. Email me directly at or call 01279217107