• Trivial Persuit - Trivia Gold Stag Accounts

    Trivial Benefits

    Legislation surrounding 'Trivial Benefits' was introduced to save employers from

  • Health

    Employees: tax-free benefits to keep them healthy

    There are, however, several areas where employers can use tax breaks and exemptions to help promote health and fitness at work.

  • Property

    Letting a property as a furnished holiday let – is it worthwhile?

    Where a property is located in a holiday region, a consideration will be whether to let it as a furnished holiday let or on a longer-term basis.

  • Self Assessment Tax Return

    Using allowances are an easy way to save tax

    The tax system contains a number of allowances which enable individuals to enjoy income and gains tax free.

  • Director's Chair

    Director’s loan accounts

    HMRC commonly find errors in relation to directors’ loan accounts when making routine reviews of company tax returns.

  • Tax on tips

    Is tax payable on tips?

    Broadly, their treatment will depend on how they are paid to the recipient.

  • A man driving a car.

    How to maximise your business expenses

    When calculating your profits, expenses are deductible to the extent that they are incurred wholly and exclusively for the purposes of the business.

  • Spring 2022 statement tax plan.

    Spring 2022 statement highlights

    As part of Spring Statement 2022, Rishi Sunak (the chancellor) set out the government’s Tax Plan outlined briefly...
  • Tax Debts Covid

    How HMRC deals with tax debts

    During the covid pandemic HMRC suspended many of their debt collecting activities. 

  • VAT

    Completing a VAT invoice - what entries are required?

    When a customer purchases an item or service from a business an invoice confirming the amount to pay should be raised either at the time of ordering or after delivery. If the seller is VAT registered a specific type of invoice is required to charge VAT on sales or reclaim the VAT charged for goods and services.

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