Get Tax Back on Job Expenses: Your Handy Guide

July 8th, 2024

Ever spend money out of pocket for your job? Hold onto those receipts! You might be able to claim tax relief on a surprising range of expenses related to your employment. So, ditch the guilt of dipping into your savings and learn how to maximise your tax return with this step-by-step guide.

What Counts? Only Expenses You "Must" Incur

Remember, this isn't a free-for-all shopping spree. You can only claim for things you absolutely need to do your job, not those optional extras that make it more comfortable. Think essential tools, travel costs, and professional subscriptions, not your fancy ergonomic chair or Netflix subscription for those "lunch breaks."

Travel? Business Only, Please!

Travelled for work and your boss didn't foot the bill? You're covered! Public transport, parking, even tolls – claim them all. Own a car? You can claim mileage at a fixed rate or track actual costs (with receipts, of course!). Just steer clear of claiming your daily commute – that's on you.

Working from Home? Claim Those Extra Costs!

Stuck in your home office? Claim a fixed rate for increased heating, electricity, and other household expenses. Or, if you're a meticulous record-keeper, track the actual costs and get reimbursed based on that.

Professional Fees and Subscriptions? Show Them the Love!

License fees, and memberships to relevant professional bodies – if you need them to function at work, claim them! But hold onto that gym membership, even if it helps you stay focused – this benefit doesn't extend to general health and well-being.

Work Clothes and Tools? Replacement Only!

Spilled coffee on your work uniform? That's a cleaning cost you can claim. Broken screwdriver? Claim a replacement. But remember, you can't claim the initial purchase of these items, only repairs or replacements.

Claiming Made Easy: Online, by Post, or with Your Tax Return

Making a claim is simple! If you file a self-assessment tax return, it's all bundled in there. No return? No worries! Claim online through or send in form P87 by post. Just keep track of those receipts and claim forms – HMRC needs proof you're not pulling these expenses out of thin air.

Get Smart, Get Reimbursed!

Claiming tax relief on employment expenses isn't rocket science. Just remember: essential work costs, not personal perks. Keep those receipts, choose your claim method, and watch your tax bill shrink. Happy claiming!