• Summer Party

    How to make your works summer BBQ tax-free!

    A statutory exemption exists, which

  • Landlord

    Income & expenses for Landlords

    Landlords must declare it to HMRC

  • Mobile App

    FreeAgent's mobile app

    great features you can access on the go

  • Pros & Cons

    Pros and cons of the VAT flat rate scheme

    The VAT flat rate scheme can save work but may cost you money.

  • Tax free

    Tax-free savings income

    There are various ways to enjoy     

  • Mileage

    Is paying mileage allowances at the approved rate still a good idea?

    Where an employee uses their own     

  • Self Employed

    National Insurance changes for the self-employed

    If their profits are high enough, the     

  • UK Property

    First-time buyer relief for SDLT and investment property trap

    First-time buyer relief may reduce the stamp duty land     

  • Time calendar

    Should I change my accounting date?

    In preparation of the introduction of MTD for income tax, which    

  • Capital expenditure

    Plan capital expenditure to benefit from time-limited reliefs

    Unincorporated businesses and companies planning capital expenditure     

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