• UK Property

    Making the Most of Your £1,000 Property Allowance: A Landlord's Guide

    The UK government offers a £1,000 property allowance, meaning you don't need to pay tax on that income or even declare it to HMRC

  • Director's Chair

    Freelancers & Small Biz Owners: Taming the Tax Beast with Proper Records

    HMRC commonly find errors in relation to directors’ loan accounts when making routine reviews of company tax returns.

  • Crypto Bitcoin

    Crypto Taxes in 2024: Your Ultimate Guide to Navigating the Digital Ledger

      Crypto's come a long way since its niche beginnings.

  • Money

    Get Tax Back on Job Expenses: Your Handy Guide

    If you are an employee and you personally incur expenses in carrying out your job, you may be able to claim tax relief for those expenses.

  • Travel

    Navigating the Maze: Demystifying Travel and Subsistence Expenses for Businesses

    When calculating your profits, expenses are deductible to the extent that they are incurred wholly and exclusively for the purposes of the business.

  • Start Up Freelance Business

    Launching Your Business Without Breaking the Bank: Claiming Pre-Trading Expenses

    Starting a business is exciting, but it can also come with a mountain of pre-launch expenses.

  • MONEY losses

    Don't Let Losses Drag You Down: Tax Relief for Freelancers & Small Businesses

    Running your own show is rewarding, but sometimes even the most dedicated entrepreneurs face a tough year.

  • Expenses

    Freelancers: Can You Write Off Meals with Clients?

    Running your own business means keeping costs down.

  • Books

    Good News for Self-Employed Training Costs!

    Just starting your own business? Great decision! As a new freelancer or sole trader, you might be wondering if you can claim tax relief for training courses.

  • Saving Money Tax

    Saving your Money Tax-Free: A Simple Guide to ISAs

    Are you saving money and worried about paying tax on the interest you earn? You're not alone! With rising interest rates, more people are finding their savings pushed above the tax-free limit.

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