Networking Wins at Atomicon 2024!

June 25th, 2024

This year marked my second visit to Atomicon in Newcastle, and it was a fantastic experience! While the speaker lineup wasn't quite as attention-grabbing for me this time around, the event truly shined in the realm of networking.

There's something undeniably special about meeting clients face-to-face. Video calls and emails are great, but there's a level of connection and rapport that builds so much easier in person. Atomicon provided the perfect platform for these reconnections, and I left feeling energised and excited about future collaborations.

For those new to Atomicon, the speaker sessions can be incredibly inspiring and motivational. They offer a wealth of knowledge and fresh perspectives. This year, however, my focus shifted more towards the amazing networking opportunities.

If you're a freelancer attending Atomicon, I can't recommend the Being Freelance meetup enough. Led by Steve Folland, it's a fantastic space to connect with fellow freelancers and share experiences. Additionally, The Big Community Mixer & Jazzy Shirt Night, organised by Andrew & Pete, is another must-attend for anyone looking to expand their network in a fun and relaxed setting.

Overall, while the speaker lineup wasn't necessarily the main draw for me this year, the focus on networking turned out to be a major win.

Looking ahead to next year, however, I'd love to see a shift in the speaker lineup. While big-name celebrities are exciting, I believe the real value lies in hearing from successful business owners. Sharing practical advice on juggling the demands of a small business with family life, navigating the complexities of hiring your first employee, and prioritising mental health in a fast-paced environment – these are the sessions that would resonate most with me, and I suspect, with many other attendees.