• Scissors

    NIC Cuts: A Silver Lining for Freelancers, But Is It Enough?

    The recent National Insurance Contribution (NIC) cuts offer some relief for freelancers, but the picture isn't entirely rosy.

  • Companies House Increase

    Companies House Fees to Increase: What You Need to Know

    Companies House is raising its fees starting May 1st, 2024.

  • Cloud Accounting

    Ditch the Spreadsheet Struggle, Freelancers! Embrace Cloud Accounting Bliss

    Thinking of moving from desktop accounting software to the cloud? 

  • Finance Influncer Scam

    The Double Take: Tax "Hacks" from TikTok Influencers and the Perilous Pitfalls

    Scroll through any social media platform these days, and you're bound to stumble upon "finance influencers" peddling their secret tax-saving strategies.

  • Insurance Policy

    Navigating the Labyrinth of Insurance Premiums: Why Freelancers, the Self-Employed, and New Business Owners Face Higher Costs

    In the dynamic world of work, the rise of freelancing, self-employment, and new business ventures has transformed the professional landscape.

  • Construction Industry Scheme

    How the New VAT Checks to CIS Subcontractors Will Work

    The new VAT checks to CIS subcontractors will come into effect on 6 April 2024.

  • Bank account

    Bank accounts for freelancers

    As a freelancer, it's important to have a dedicated bank account for your business.

  • Calendar

    Useful dates for the diary for freelancers & small business owners in the UK

    As a freelancer or small business owner in the UK, there are a number of important dates that you need to be aware of throughout the year.

  • Time to Pay

    How to set up payment plans for personal income tax, corporation tax, and value added tax (VAT)

    If you are struggling to pay your tax bills, you may be able to set up a payment plan with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

  • Chancellor of the Exchequer

    The Chancellor's Big Day: Here's Everything Small Businesses and Freelancers Need to Know About the Next Announcement

    The Chancellor's speech is just around the bend, Small businesses and freelancers, attend.
    Listen close to his words, And don't get caught off guard, Or your budgets may need to mend.

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