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  • Dividends

    Dividends: A Guide to Declaring Them Correctly and Avoiding Unnecessary Tax Bills

    Dividends are a great way to extract profits from your personal or family company, but

  • Optimal Salary

    Optimal salary for 2023/24

    A popular profit extraction strategy is to pay a small salary and to extract further profits as dividends.

  • Alphabet Shares

    Is an alphabet share structure worthwhile?

    In an alphabet share structure, each shareholder has a different class of share.

  • bike to work

    Can my company buy me a new bicycle?

    The government introduced ‘cycle to work’ back in 1999.

  • restaurant table.

    Can I deduct entertaining expenses?

    The tax rules on the deductibility of entertaining expenses are harsh and often misunderstood

  • Risk

    Avoiding common errors when computing business profits

    These 5 risk areas are prone to errors when computing business profits.

  • Donate

    Tax relief for charitable donations

    Individuals who donate to charity can do so tax-free.

  • Rule Book

    The new rules on VAT penalties

    The VAT default surcharge is being replaced with a new VAT penalty and interest regime.

  • Dividend

    Reduction in the dividend allowance

    The dividend allowance is available in addition to the personal allowance.

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