FreeAgent Clients Update : Welcome Smart Capture

November 29th, 2023

FreeAgent has significantly enhanced its Auto Extract feature to help streamline expense management.

Using Smart Capture, you can now:

Once the data is extracted, the receipt will be automatically matched to a bank transaction or converted to an expense where the date and amount will be populated. Smart Capture will now also suggest a category for the expense.

Free Smart Capture Usage:

Every FreeAgent license includes 10 free Smart Capture file processes per month, allowing you to experience the benefits without additional charges.

Smart Capture Unlimited Add-on:

For clients with a high volume of receipts, the Smart Capture Unlimited add-on offers unlimited file processing for £5 (+VAT) per month.

Activating and Paying for Smart Capture Unlimited:

  1. Access Account Settings: Navigate to the Connections and Add-ons page in your FreeAgent account settings.

  2. Enable Payment Method: The account owner or a user with Level 8 access can set up a suitable payment method.

  3. Direct Payment: Currently, clients pay for the add-on directly. In early 2024, practices will have the option to pay at a reduced rate.

  4. Cancellation and Automatic Termination: Cancel the add-on anytime. If Smart Capture is used less than 10 times per month for six consecutive months, it will be automatically cancelled.

Alternative Options: