Paternity Leave Gets Flexible: How the 2024 Changes Impact Self-Employed Parents

March 19th, 2024

For self-employed parents in the UK, the arrival of a new child means not just joy, but also a juggling act of responsibilities and income. Thankfully, 2024 brings welcome changes to paternity leave and pay, offering greater flexibility and potential benefits for working dads and partners.

The New Landscape:

For Self-Employed Dads:

These changes present both opportunities and challenges:

Making it Work:

Here are some tips for self-employed parents navigating the new landscape:

Beyond the Changes:

While the 2024 reforms are a positive step, advocates stress the need for further progress. Increased statutory pay, accessible childcare solutions, and improved income support for self-employed parents are crucial for achieving true gender equality in parental leave.


The revamped paternity leave system offers self-employed dads greater flexibility and control over their time. However, careful planning and financial preparation are key to making the most of the new options. With a proactive approach and ongoing support, self-employed parents can embrace fatherhood while minimising disruptions to their work and livelihood.